[PC][FitGirl] 海岛大亨6 华尔街神兽 Tropic 6 v1.070 build 108828





Repack Features

Based on Tropico.6.The.Llama.of.Wall.Street.MULTi11-PLAZA ISO release: plaza-tropico.6.the.llama.of.wall.street.multi11.iso (21,919,531,008 bytes)
El Prez Edition Content and The Llama of Wall Street DLC are included and activated
NOT 100% Lossless & NOT MD5 Perfect: not all files are identical to originals after installation (Linux files were ripped, all other files were left intact)
Unused Linux files ripped, NOTHING re-encoded
Selective Download feature: you can skip downloading and installing of voiceovers you don't need and bonus content (OST + Calender)
Significantly smaller archive size (compressed from 20.4 to 5.1~10.2 GB, depending on selected components)
Installation takes 3-8 minutes (depending on your system and selected components)
After-install integrity check so you could make sure that everything installed properly
HDD space after installation: up to 21 GB
Language can be changed in game settings (audio and text separately)
Repack uses XTool library by Razor12911
At least 2 GB of free RAM (inc. virtual) required for installing this repack
Repack by FitGirl

Selective Download

You can skip downloading of files you don't need. Here is the list of such files:

fg-optional-bonus-content.bin (bonus soundtrack in MP3 format and Calender in PDF format)
fg-selective-english.bin (also required for Chinese installation)

Backwards Compatibility

This repack IS NOT backwards compatible with my previous repack of Tropico 6.

  • unknownTropico 6 [FitGirl Repack]/fg-01.bin 3.8GB
  • unknownTropico 6 [FitGirl Repack]/fg-02.bin 689.6MB
  • unknownTropico 6 [FitGirl Repack]/fg-03.bin 20.7MB
  • unknownTropico 6 [FitGirl Repack]/fg-04.bin 349.1KB
  • unknownTropico 6 [FitGirl Repack]/fg-optional-bonus-content.bin 309.9MB
  • unknownTropico 6 [FitGirl Repack]/fg-selective-arabic.bin 623MB
  • unknownTropico 6 [FitGirl Repack]/fg-selective-chinese.bin 526.3MB
  • unknownTropico 6 [FitGirl Repack]/fg-selective-english.bin 551.8MB
  • unknownTropico 6 [FitGirl Repack]/fg-selective-french.bin 615.2MB
  • unknownTropico 6 [FitGirl Repack]/fg-selective-german.bin 673.8MB
  • unknownTropico 6 [FitGirl Repack]/fg-selective-italian.bin 600.1MB
  • unknownTropico 6 [FitGirl Repack]/fg-selective-japanese.bin 582.9MB
  • unknownTropico 6 [FitGirl Repack]/fg-selective-russian.bin 666.2MB
  • unknownTropico 6 [FitGirl Repack]/fg-selective-spanish.bin 621.2MB
  • urlTropico 6 [FitGirl Repack]/FitGirl releases on 1337x.url 117Bytes
  • urlTropico 6 [FitGirl Repack]/FitGirl releases on KAT.url 173Bytes
  • unknownTropico 6 [FitGirl Repack]/MD5/fitgirl-bins.md5 877Bytes
  • exeTropico 6 [FitGirl Repack]/MD5/QuickSFV.EXE 101KB
  • unknownTropico 6 [FitGirl Repack]/MD5/QuickSFV.ini 155Bytes
  • exeTropico 6 [FitGirl Repack]/setup.exe 5.2MB
  • unknownTropico 6 [FitGirl Repack]/Verify BIN files before installation.bat 54Bytes