[PC][CODEX]莱莎的炼金工房-常暗女王与秘密藏身处- v1.02+DLC


Version 1.02 of Atelier Ryza standalone release because multiple files have been changed.
Game, patches, DLC and crack provided by CODEX.

Make a backup of your save file in your “My Documents” folder.

- Turn off anti-virus or allow exemption
- Extract the iso using a zip program or mount it (requires 14.7 GB)
- Run the setup.exe (mute or lower your volume trust me), (requires 19.2 GB), choose your target folder and any other settings and install when ready
- Copy the crack from the CODEX directory to your chosen install directory
- Once done open Atelier_Ryza_Launcher.exe to input your commands and play when ready
- DLC's you'll receive when you start the game and enter your home, etc.
For visual aid of the DLC https://www.koeitecmoamerica.com/ryza/dlc03.html#costume
DLC released thus far
> Atelier Ryza: Ryza's Outfit "Divertimento Embrace"
> Atelier Ryza: Ryza's Costume "Summer Adventure!"
> Atelier Ryza: Hideout Parts "Pixie Forest"
> Atelier Ryza: Hideout Parts "Lakeside Hideout"
> Atelier Ryza: Costume Set "Another Fashion"
> Atelier Ryza: Costume Set "Summer Style"
> Atelier Ryza: Initial Dash Item Set
> Atelier Ryza: Extra Large! Rebuild Gem Pack
> Atelier Ryza: Season Pass "Kurken Island Jam-packed Pass"
> Atelier Ryza: Atelier Series Legacy BGM Pack
> Atelier Ryza: Stylish Weapon Skins - Ryza
> Atelier Ryza: Stylish Weapon Skins - Klaudia
> Atelier Ryza: Stylish Weapon Skins - Lent
> Atelier Ryza: Stylish Weapon Skins - Tao
> Atelier Ryza: Stylish Weapon Skins - Empel
> Atelier Ryza: Stylish Weapon Skins - Lila
> Atelier Ryza: Tao's Story "Interwoven Fate"
> Atelier Ryza: Lent's Story "True Strength"
> Atelier Ryza: Sunlight Flower
> Atelier Ryza: Elegant Mermaid
> Atelier Ryza: Muscle Volcano
> Atelier Ryza: Captain Tao
> Atelier Ryza: Ocean Dandy
> Atelier Ryza: Cool Selenite
> Atelier Ryza: "Ever Summer Queen & the Secret Island"
> Atelier Ryza: "The End of an Adventure and Beyond"

ReShade MOD
ero character MOD nsfw

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  • unknownAtelier.Ryza.Ever.Darkness.and.the.Secret.Hideout.v1.02-CODEX/codex-atelier.ryza.ever.darkness.and.the.secret.hideout.v1.02.iso 14.7GB
  • nfoAtelier.Ryza.Ever.Darkness.and.the.Secret.Hideout.v1.02-CODEX/codex.nfo 7KB